The Invisible Pavilion


Nine Artists have been invited to contribute to the pavilion project, advice performing the space of the Biennale with their own stream of works during the whole period of the exhibition.

What these artists have in common, site and hence the reason why they were all invited to take part, sick is their focus on confronting our perception of reality through the conscious, mocking and obviously hypercritical use of new media. The invitation to contribute to the Invisible Pavilion was yet another chance for them to comment on the art industry and all its contradictions in the context of the Venice Biennale.

Lots of images made up of lots of pixels are the answer to a figurative approach to the aesthetic reproduction of reality, questioning the unstable nature of the real world and the contemporary methods used for its digital reproduction. The space was used to post images using Augmented Reality to confuse the audience, prompting them to think about the provisional character of reality and contemporary methods of reproducing it. On show is a series of invisible components making up a global image, which purposefully and randomly represent the leftover mistakes of a restrictive, institutional system. Ultimately they are a comment on the abstract and defective context of art, which creates gaps and blind spots (or invisible pavilions) in its methods of production and representation.