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posted on May 30, 2011 by REFF - Roma Europa Fake Festival


Also referred to as “Simulata Realitas per Activam-Industriosam-Laboriosam Multiplicationem”, ascariasis
REFF AR Drug is a psychotropic antidepressant administered cross-medially.

This drug is used to treat social depression, ambulance fear of the future, case precariety, anthropological distress, lack of opportunities, communicational totalitarianism, scarcity of freedoms and intolerant social ecosystems. Compared to other drugs acting on the same areas, REFF AR Drug is designed with accessibility in mind and as an enabler of the spontaneous generation of forms of expression and of collaborative practices.

REFF AR Drug is also used (off-label) to treat numerous other conditions such as the UFPS (Uncertainty for the Future of Publishing Syndrome), and the LDSBMS (Lack of Decent Sustainable Business Models Syndrome).”

REFF AR Drug is presented as a box of medicine. Each box contains:

– a handmade packaging
– an information sheet describing the effects of the drug and the ways to use it
– 33 different designer AR drugs, created by artists, architects, hackers, activists worldwide
– the links to the open source software tools that can be used to create your own drug


Lunched in London as a part f the exhibit “REFF. Remix the world! Reinvent Reality” (25th February – 26th March 2011, Furtherfueld Gallery), the Drug is a central part of the “REFF AR Youth Program”, an intensive program in Education & Learning involving dedicated to universities and student movements to ensure the immediate distribution of the product to young generations.

REFF AR Drug first appeared in January 2011 in Rome, during an action of shopdropping with the famous artist Patrick Lichty.


Shopdropping with Patrick Lichty

Opening @Furtherfield:

– photogallery
Virtual Entity Alpha - SOUL, 2011 by xname